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Services: Concrete Grinding

Here, we use different methods to get just the look you are looking for. We use Concrete Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting. Our team is experts in the use of both while working on site. 

What is Shot Blasting?


Shot blasting is the process of blasting a concrete surface with steel shot (small steel balls) at a high velocity. This removes contamination and Soft Concrete to reveal a Surface profile for Adhesive bonding. The concrete dust is recovered by a powerful dust collection system.


  • As the method of surface preparation recommended by most coating manufacturers, steel shot blasting.

  • Eliminates the use of harsh, non-Eco friendly chemicals and leaves the concrete floor with the desired profile.

  • Excellent Profile for Floor Coating Bond.

  • Is known for high production rates, blast pattern accuracy, and wide abrasive selection.

  • Lends itself to efficient disposal of dust and other contaminants.

  • Can be performed indoors or outdoors.

We have both large and small shot blasters so that we can meet all your project needs

What is Diamond Grinding


Diamond grinding is suitable for interior and exterior floors; our dust containment system allows us to operate our equipment in a dust-free environment.


  • Cure & Seal

  • Polished Concrete

  • Wax Stains

  • Thin Epoxies

  • Carpet Adhesive

  • Urethane

  • Mastics

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