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About Us: Serving Customers

"At M&C Concrete, our goal is to please our customers. We go above and beyond at any of their request."

M & C Concrete is a leading concrete contractor in the greater Indianapolis market. Established in 1982 , we have successfully completed thousands of  projects in both commercial and residential sites. As a leader in our industry, we strive for customer satisfaction, on-time project completion and being at the forefront of the latest concrete design, equipment and construction.

Our specialties include: Commercial Concrete Construction, Laser Screed and Curb Machine equipped, Polished Concrete, Resinous Flooring, Epoxy Floor Systems, Decorative Concrete Staining, Decorative Overlays, Polished Concrete Overlays, Stamped Concrete, Custom Residential Concrete, Concrete Grinding, Floor Preparation, Adhesive Glue and Tile Removal. M&C Concrete has earned the reputation to be the leader in Customized Projects, when others can’t.

We are located on the east side of Indianapolis, with projects all over the state of Indiana, and surrounding states. M & C Concrete works in all areas of concrete from large commercial developments, to new housing developments and our unqiue techniques in decorative concrete.

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